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Consolidation in Outsourced Pharmaceutical Services

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Published June 2019

The outsourced pharmaceutical services industry has benefited from recent trends in the pharmaceutical landscape, as traditional drug manufacturers have divested their clinical research, development, and manufacturing assets to focus on core competencies and brand equity. Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly utilizing contract research organizations (CROs) and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) to manage their drug development processes, from early-stage pre-clinical research and discovery, through large-scale commercialization. In order to obtain and service these highly lucrative sponsorships, middle-market, closely held CROs and CDMOs are turning to both the capital and M&A markets to drive scale and integration within their areas of expertise.

Report Summary

  • Introduction
  • Trends in Outsourced Pharmaceutical Services
  • CDMO Consolidation Trends
  • CRO Consolidation Trends
  • Concluding Thoughts

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