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Evaluating Transaction Considerations

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 AJ Shekar and Steven Grassa hosted a webinar “Evaluating Transaction Considerations” in partnership with the Association of Dermatology Administrators and Managers (ADAM).

You can view the recording here.

This webinar is geared towards shareholders and executives of dermatology practices interested in learning more about what partnership options they may have in today’s fastmoving market. In addition to assessing the various transaction considerations available to shareholders, Provident addresses the benefits and risks of pursuing a partnership to help business owners and management better understand whether exploring a transaction makes strategic sense for their practice.


About ADAM
The Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers (ADAM) is the only national organization dedicated to dermatology administrative professionals. ADAM offers its members exclusive access to educational opportunities and resources needed to help their practices grow.

ADAM’s members represent administrators, practice managers, attorneys, accountants and physicians in private, group and academic practice. This strong network enables members the ability to tap into best practices and learn from other leaders in dermatology practice management. For additional information,  visit the ADAM website.