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Hospice Topping Other Health Care Sectors on M&A

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Hospice providers are charging ahead with merger and acquisition transactions this year despite taking a few financial punches from the COVID-19 pandemic. While the larger health care M&A market saw more disruption, hospice activity proceeded apace according to a new report from Provident Healthcare Partners.

Acquisitions in the health care services sector slowed significantly in early 2020 as the pandemic ramped up. In the home health space in particular, investors also have been cautious as they gauge the impact of the patient-driven groupings model (PDGM), a new payment structure that became effective this year.

Among the various segments of the health care industry, hospice continues to be the one to watch, even as valuations soar and multiples continue to hit record highs.

To access the full article, click on the following link: Hospice Topping Other Health Care Sectors on M&A

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