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Investment & Consolidation in Healthcare Consulting

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Published September 2019

Healthcare consulting providers cover a wide array of advisory services to organizations of varying scale in both public and private sectors. Across the board, however, the increasing complexity of healthcare reimbursement and regulation have propelled payors and providers to seek outside consulting services to position themselves for the future changes within the industry. As a result, demand for expertise from consulting firms will continue to soar. In the last five years, the surging demand facilitated the entrance of specialized players in several niche markets such as reimbursement analysis and medical audit. The rise in volume and specialty of healthcare consulting services has attracted the attention of industry incumbents, prompting an initial wave of consolidation as existing strategic players extend service offerings and enter new markets. In addition, industry crossovers also play a significant role in driving some of the mega mergers, such as the IMS Health and Quintiles merger that created a data-driven Contract Research Organization. As a result of these dynamics, consolidation through M&A has been a key strategy over the past three years.

Report Summary
• Introduction
• Macroeconomic Drivers
• Healthcare Consulting Industry
• Mergers & Acquisitions Activity Since 2018
• Concluding Thoughts

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