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Market Trends and M&A in Home Health / Hospice

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Published August 2020

The home health and hospice market remains one of the most fragmented sectors within healthcare services with many independent players holding significant market share in their respective geographies. Given the wide breadth of smaller companies, demand for home-based care, and the non capital-intensive nature of the business, there is significant opportunity in the space for both private equity and strategic-led consolidation.

While strategic and private equity groups continued to utilize mergers and acquisitions to grow patient census, add new locations, and enter new geographies, other investors have entered the space to expand into new service lines and leverage potential synergies. As there are only a few number of quality platforms within the home health and hospice space, companies should expect to receive significant interest and heightened valuations from an expanding buyer pool that includes private equity groups and large providers.

Report Summary
• Executive Summary
• Home Health / Hospice Macroeconomic Trends
• Industry Risks and Consolidation
• Strategic and Private Equity Activity
• Industry Outlook
• Concluding Thoughts

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