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The State of the Ophthalmology Sector Five Years into Private Equity Investment

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Recorded June 27, 2019

Consolidation activity within the eye care sector has been especially active over the last three years as nearly two dozen private equity firms have invested in the sector since 2016. While the early years of investment were characterized by new private equity firms recapitalizing platform entities, recently, M&A volume has been headlined by a series of add-on and regional platform acquisitions as many independent practices have gained comfort with the private equity model and are opting to align with private equity-backed platforms. With a growing supply of private-equity backed organizations competing for add-on acquisitions, transaction volume is expected to remain robust in the coming years.

This webinar serves to educate ophthalmologists and executives on the current transaction environment within the ophthalmology sector, providing shareholders with insight on the varying transaction options and structures afforded in today’s environment, in addition to guidance on how to prepare for a transaction process.

The webinar includes insight from the perspectives of an investment banking advisor and a certified public accountant, who both have been active in guiding physician groups through transaction processes in ophthalmology and parallel specialties. Each professional draws upon the knowledge gained from being at the forefront of consolidation across health care.

You can access the recording on YouTube or below:

Presented by:

Eric Major, Director at Provident Healthcare Partners

Jonathan Gorski, CPA, Partner at Edelstein & Company


If you have questions regarding this event, or for a copy of the slide deck, please contact Gina Casiello.