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$51 Billion Invested In Health Care In The Fourth Quarter Of 2021 By Private Equity

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During the fourth quarter of 2021, private equity investments in health care totaled $51 billion, up 31% compared to the same quarter in 2020. There were also 86 add-on acquisitions, 89 platforms created, and 26 secondary buyouts. The health care industries with the highest volume of investment were home health care and hospice provider organizations (43), dental services (37), behavioral health (27), and ophthalmology (25). These findings were reported in “Provident Perspectives: 2021 Year In Review,” by Provident Healthcare Partners. The organization provides investment banking services to privately-held companies in the health care industry across the United States…

Access the full article here: $51 Billion Invested In Health Care In The Fourth Quarter Of 2021 By Private Equity

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