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COVID-19’s Impact on Investment & Consolidation within Healthcare Services

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Published April 2020

The sudden emergence of COVID-19 sent shockwaves throughout the globe and has caused widespread disruptions in just about every pocket of society. It has impacted most facets of daily life and brought our previously robust economy to a virtual standstill. The magnitude of the economic fallout is uncertain but estimates from reputable sources paint a grim picture. Recent postulations suggest that second quarter contraction levels could surpass 10% with unemployment levels reaching as high as 20%. COVID-19’s impact on healthcare has been particularly profound, as delays, cancellations and closings have put strain on participants within the broader healthcare services space, providing opportunity for some segments while adversely impacting most.

Report Summary
• Introduction
• Current State of M&A within Healthcare
• Weathering the Storm
• When the Dust Settles
• Winners and Losers From the Fallout
• Concluding Thoughts

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