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M&A in Durable Medical Equipment Market Trends and The Impact of COVID-19

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Published April 2020

The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry has grown to approximately $56 billion in 2018, a sizeable increase from $37 billion in 2010, and is projected to continue its steady rate of growth at a 5.0% CAGR from 2019 – 2023. While this market is relatively mature, it has been significantly impacted in recent years by regulatory change and macro-level demographic trends. Most notably, the implementation, suspension, and impending re-introduction of competitive bidding, the aging U.S. population, the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, and the growing patient preference for medical treatment in the home rather than an in-patient setting have resulted in significant changes to the operating landscape. Further, the shift to value-based care has accelerated the growth in home care businesses as the industry tightens its focus on providing quality care while controlling costs.

Report Summary

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Trends and Observations
  •  Regulatory Environment and Business Impact
  • Consequences for M&A Activity
  • Active Consolidators in the Space
  • Concluding Thoughts
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