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Has Private Equity Reached a Plateau in Healthcare M&A Activity?

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Private equity’s share of healthcare M&A activity may have plateaued in 2022 as macroeconomic conditions are affecting PE’s impact in the sector. According to the LevinPro HC database, a record 2,429 M&A deals were reported in 2022. PE accounted for 966 of the deals, representing 40% of the acquisitions. This was a rise from 39% in 2021 (866 of 2,240) and 32% in 2020 (429 of 1,344).

However, the upward trend in recent years may have peaked in 2022 as the most recent six-month periods show a declining PE trend in health care. There were 1,118 healthcare M&A deals posted in 2023 through June 30. PE accounted for 406 of those transactions, representing 36% of the total. PE produced 38% of the deals in the second half of 2022 (450 of 1,178) and 41% in the first half of 2022 (516 of 1,251).

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